Darin & Heather

September 15, 2018Portland, OR


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Please note that the weather report is calling for rain and cooler temperatures. Our ceremony will continue to be held outside and at this point will continue to be on grass. Please bring the appropriate layers and consider your footwear choices. We will have a limited number of umbrellas available and will have an area post-ceremony where you can hang your coats and store items as needed.

They say that rain brings you luck on your wedding day so we will embrace it!



We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Portland, Oregon this September. Whether you are traveling from near or far, all of the details can be found here. We've provided recommendations for our favorite Portland things to see, eat, do, where to stay and what to wear.

We have also setup #darinandheather. A way for us to capture your instagram posts in one place to preserve the memories of our special day. We will also update this album with images of the evening so make sure you check back.

It's going to be an amazing evening. We hope that you can join us!


Darin and Heather